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Efe Project, with its experience dating back to 1995, provides its customers with a reliable, Aiming to provide fast and economical service, it is one of the leading transportation companies in Turkey. one of its names.

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Road Transport

As Efe Logistics Group, as can be seen from our reference project shipments, 1995 from the year regardless of its size, volume, characteristics and conditions of the region where the work is carried out, normal period Logistics offered all over the world and at points where management cannot be successful in your services We have our signature.

Difficult and niche such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia and Central Asia project in the regions By offering alternative solutions even in its works, we can provide you with awnings, refrigerated trucks, container tankers and low bed We are always at your service with our vehicles. Efe Logistics Group makes a preliminary decision on the suitability of routes to be used in all destinations. with professional solutions, within the framework of the understanding of providing trouble-free service. transport organizes organisations.

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Heavy Freight and Project Freight

As Efe Logistics Group, we focus on heavy transportation in the construction, energy and mining sectors. most We have the opportunity to safely transport the machinery and equipment used in the sector to every destination. The load carrying capacity of our lowbed vehicles is between 100 and 1000 tons at once.

Europe, Asia, We have a wide network of networks located in the Middle East and Balkan countries. Efe Logistics group air equipment you will need in transportation, road and feasibility services at the highest quality to you and insuring our transportation services in line with the demands of our customers, It is supported by storage and assembly services. Mersin and Istanbul in Turkey, and abroad; Storage in Iraq, Afghanistan and transfer We have machinery and equipment in our fields. ISO 9001-2008, OHSAS 18001-2007, ISO With 14001-2004 certified services in high quality standards, your strength in heavy transportation strength adds.

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Rail Freight

Healthy, safe and economical solutions in railway transportation are at Efe Logistics Group. International Railway transportation, at the point of transporting heavy and bulky loads to companies very high It is a transportation system that provides services without incurring costs.
The most important of the basic transportation models of the developed western world, the railway transportation, being reliable, minimizing the dependency on people and thus the risk of error, competitive costs, advantages on the route and an environmentally friendly solution to form It is a transportation model that has attracted increasing interest in recent years. Considering the situation in which the roads are in bad weather conditions in transportation, Only Railroads become more convenient for transporting all loads, not specific ones. is coming. Rail transport eases the road traffic load. Usually other transport unlike alternatives There is a long-term fixed price guarantee. Passage on the road in international transits limitations It has a transit advantage because it is a mode of transportation preferred by transit countries. is given.

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Air Freight

Air Cargo Transportation system, which has the highest cost among transportation models, is preferred. when, We know that your cargo is extremely important, valuable and urgent. So day account to work not the clock We do the calculation.
Our expert staff is not only responsible for the best prices, but also for every shipment of our customers. needs It provides services and produces solutions with the most suitable service alternatives in line with the As Efe Logistics Group, our general principle is; potential capacity, size or weight always gives service with the same sensitivity and care. Our company, which is one of only 150 IATA accredited active air cargo agencies in Turkey, WCA ( World Cargo Alliance ) Family of Logistics Network membership at every airport in the world settled It provides air cargo service with 5806 agencies. Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Adana In addition to our import and export air cargo service at airports, in your trades

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Sea Freight

Sea transportation is the most preferred transportation system all over the world. Time to the loss by creating the best alternatives without allowing equipment, With the right line, we coordinate your shipments from A to Z in the most accurate way.
Reliable and solution-oriented for your maritime transports with Efe Logistics Group from our service you will be satisfied. -Port to Port and Door to Door FCL and LCL Container, Export and Import Transportation -Special Container Transportation (Open Top, Flat Rack, Reefer, ISO Tank) -Multimodal Transportation (Sea + Air / Road Rail Transportation) -Dangerous Goods Transportation (IMO) -Storage and Delivery Services -Project and Heavy Load Transportation -Complete Chartering Services

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Storage Services

Efe Logistics Group, as your solution partner in all your road export and import transports We are at your service.
Efe Logistics Group, which has one of the youngest and strongest fleets in Turkey, export Regardless of the tonnage and volume of your cargo in road transport, a strong network agency network, speed and It offers the best road service with its service quality:. As Efe Logistics Group, Lowbed, Flatbed-Semi Trailers, Refrigerated, Flat awning, Sal Kasa and Panel Van Your partner in all road transports with our own equity vehicles. we are willing to be. Our environmentally friendly vehicles with an average age of 3 are equipped with satellite tracking system 24 hours a day. with It can be tracked and offers you the opportunity to monitor your cargo during transport. To the countries we transport on the basis of highways; Import / Export / Transit and Reeksport transports We offer Complete vehicle (FTL) and Groupage vehicle (LTL) services. All of our vehicles are in compliance with the customs legislation, with the loading system and apparatus. is equipped. Full and groupage cargo in Europe, Russia, Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa your shipments we are organizing. Ro-Ro for Italy, Slovenia, Poland, France, Germany, Croatia and Spain on a regular basis and black We have vehicles with Italian license plates serving from routes. We provide overseas customs clearance, domestic shipping, storage, packaging and free lashing. Internationally recognized institutions and large, medium and small scales located all over Europe from businesses Our customers are tasked with complete truck transports every day. Efe Logistics With the Group, you have the only partner for all your complete and groupage road transports.

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Engineering and Consulting

The correct and timely fulfillment of the service, the characteristics of the transported machinery and equipment taking measures to minimize the margin of error in line with must be performed. Awning with internal net height up to 3.100 mm all of our vehicles Equipped with loading system and apparatus in accordance with customs legislation.
Our company, which provides service to many parts of the world, offers to our valued customers. wide vehicle The fastest reliable quality service, the materials transported according to the type and type of cargo with its fleet with our services carries it from door to door.

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It's faster than Air Cargo.
As Efeproject, we are able to offer the fastest and most economical solutions for your shipments to certain regions with our Express vehicle fleet.
We have created an Express Service system in certain regions due to the increase in road transport capacity day by day, the queues of vehicles during transit passes in neighboring countries and the increase in transit times.
We provide our Express Service, which is a first in international road transport, with our panel van and truck type vehicles in our wide vehicle fleet.
The biggest advantage of this service, which is a first in Turkey, is that your groupage cargoes are delivered to the regions we serve in a much more economical and faster way than air cargo.
With our Express service, we can send your urgent cargo up to 29 cubic meters and 3.5 tons from Turkey to Turkmenistan within 65 hours.
Our Atego vehicles, with a carrying capacity of up to 45 cubic meters and 13,500 kg, are at the service of our valued customers.
Our other express service times; Erbil 34 hours, Ashgabat 65 hours and Islamkale 70 hours.

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As Efe Project, in the global logistics network that is developing and growing day by day, the newest and most accurate We offer solutions for you. We are proud to carry the best to the best.

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