We provide services for vehicle transportation from factories and distributors to dealers and from factories to ports with our modern auto carrying vehicle fleet.

When performing our Automobile transportation services with our own vehicles, all vehicles of our company operating in and out of country between ports, customs areas, production facilities and automobile dealers are monitored by satellite tracking system.

The current location information and arrival times of any vehicle in transit is available to the end user at all times with the use of vehicle identification numbers (VINs).

We provide global coverage to car rental companies and vehicle fleets for their transportation efforts.

Our company follows up insurance management on behalf of clients by searching for insurance types which will minimize risks and reduce costs at each step of all logistic activities provided to the clients.

Our drivers undergo trainings periodically for each vehicle type at our company’s training centers.

Dealer distribution, ship unloading and ship loading procedures of our clients in the world and in Turkey are performed with great care by our experienced and professional teams with an approach to provide full service to clients.